The Perfect Platform for College and University Students to Store Belongings

The Perfect Platform for College and University Students to Store Belongings

StorageByOwner, the Perfect Platform for College and University Students.

Storage Space is something that is very important and vital for many students in universities and colleges across the United States. has come up with a platform that can allow many college students to use the platform to bypass the certain problems that arise with traditional self-storages for college students. On top of solutions to storage, we also will get into how universities and students can make extra money on the side using our platform.

How can benefit university students? To begin with, when you agree to store your belongings at a fellow host’s residence or property, you can work together to figure out the best times to visit your StorageByOwner storage. Unlike traditional self-storage that has built-in-stone hours of usually 8:00PM to 6:00PM, you have the option of choosing when you want to visit your storage space, we even have storage’s that are 24/7 access. We know that most college and university students don’t have regular 9 to 5 schedules, so we made this platform specifically to cater to the university aged scholar.

What is another neat benefit of using StorageByOwner as your main storage provider? Your next-door neighbor could be your potential host, even someone who has extra space down the street or in your university apartment complex. We eliminate the pains of getting to and from a traditional storage with all the items you need to store. Simplicity is key with

We are aware that most college students don’t have a lot of disposable income available, university is expensive and has a lot of added costs such as books, meals, social clubs, tutors, and living, that is why here at StorageByOwner we have made a peer-to-peer platform that allows you to choose a storage space that fits your college budget.  Have extra space at your university apartment? Perfect, rent out that disposable space for extra money to pay for books or meals. You can make more than $1200+ a year.

StorageByOwner allows short term leases, yes, you heard that right, we don’t have long contracts, we only allow month-to-month rentals. So, when you’re done with the school year, or simply, don’t need storage anymore, you can cancel your rental at the end of the month, avoiding long term contracts that can bind you even after the school year finishes.

We use the most modern technology on our platform at We have around the clock storage-concierges to assist you, the safest and most modern website with security verifications. With integrated Identity checks and verifications for your payments, we have top-tier security and insurance to keep your information and payments as safe as possible. Lastly, we verify every storage space to make sure your belongings are safe and secure!

Remember you can make money by renting your extra space! Be it a fraternity house, your university apartment, or any free space you may have!

StorageByOwner has created a compelling reason for University students to store with us and use our platform!

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