Our Story

The story of StorageByOwner.com began in the summer of 2018 after we sold a vacation home in the Californian resort town of Palm Springs. With the sale of the house, we had a limited amount of time to move our items out of the property and find the perfect storage facility that was safe, clean, convenient, affordable, and in close proximity. After hours of calling self-storage facilities and researching online with no luck, we decided to check out the facilities, ourselves, in person. The clean storage facilities were sold out, the available ones were expensive, dirty, and not transparent with their fees. Others were too far, some even had different employees of the same self-storage facility tell us different pricing options than the ones they had advertised. Simply, we could not find the right self-storage facility that would satisfy our needs.

With only a few days left before having to clear out the house and no place to store our belongings, our neighbors proposed a great idea. Instead of struggling with our search for the ideal self-storage, we could store our items in our neighbor’s empty rooms, backyard shed, and unused garage. Indeed, we did store our belongings at our neighbor’s house, which we realized was safer, more convenient, affordable, and a better alternative to using a traditional self-storage facility. It was at this moment that we realized that people would be willing to rent out unused space for an extra source of passive income and the idea of StorageByOwner.com was born.

We have created a state of the art peer-to-peer marketplace that connects people who have unused space with others looking for storage space. Additionally, adding security, safety, transparency, affordability, and 24/7 local representatives; these are our ideals and how we want everyone’s storage experience to be like when using the new premier storage marketplace, StorageByOwner.com

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